Better Days vinyl pre-orders and some songs up now

It’s actually happening this time people.

We couldn’t pick one track that would give a proper idea of the entire album, so we just uploaded 3 tracks, so you can get an idea of the diversity of the record.

This record isn’t normalized (or should we say destroyed?) like most records are these days, so play it LOUD.

Aside from the 3 songs pre-orders for the vinyl are up now:

Pressing info:
300 on black
100 on red
100 on white

Cobra Records

Straight And Alert

White Russian Records

Said And Done - Better Days

CD’s will be up for order soon too.

Better Days labels announcement

Since the info is slowly leaking out already, I guess it’s time to throw it out officially:

We’re pretty stoked to announce that our second full length (yes, the one we took forever to write and record), called “Better Days”, will be released on vinyl by Cobra Records from Germany, Straight & Alert Records from France and White Russian Records from the Netherlands. White Russian will also take care of the digital side of things and Some Will Never Know is branching out into a label to release the CD. We’re stoked and can’t wait to finally have it out there.

More info, (a) song(s)?, pre-orders, proper releasedates and all that stuff will follow soon, when the stuff’s at the pressingplant, so we can give you some solid dates.

No really, it’s actually happening. For real. Kid you not.

I can’t believe another year’s gone by

I can’t believe another year has gone by
And still nothing, as if we dont even try
And there’s nothing to be proud of
And nothing you can truly stand by
It’s time to believe

Aside from “Impact” being a great Chain Of Strength song it kinda fits. 2013 was a slow year for us. But 2014 should be different. We finally finished recording, mixing and mastering the record and this week we’re going to reach out to labels to see if we can get this released as soon as possible. Otherwise we’ll just do it ourselves. We hope to have a preview or something up for everyone soon.

So enjoy tonight, stay classy, and we wish you all nothing but the best in 2014. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of eachother, because we want to play a bunch of shows again in the new year!

New track on compilation, mixing the record and playing shows again

Time for an update!

New track on Hardcore Help Foundation benefit compilation


We have a track on the new Hardcore Help Benefit compilation (volume 2) that’s out now. We haven’t heard the final mastering, but it’s a quick DIY mix we did ourselves, so we could meet the compilation deadline. “Classic Story”, is one of the tracks that is going to be (properly mixed and mastered) on the new album. You might have heard us this one play live before.

You’ll have to pick up the benefit album to hear it (or wait until infinity and we actually release the new record), because we’re not going to upload it at the moment. We think it’s cool HHF is a different kind of help organisation. No large sums going to the management, but money going there where it’s needed. Check out their site, to read up on their current projects.

Other bands on there are (namedropping alert!) Peter Pan Speedrock, Boysetsfire, Strife, Foreseen (hi Mirko & Mårtti!) and many, many more. 50 bands in total, spread over 2 CD’s, about 2,5 hours of music in total. So aside from the feeling of supporting something good, you’ll get a shitload of music. Win win, winning. Right?

Order your copy


Record send off to mixer.

Don’t worry, the record is far from released yet BUT the guest vocals are in, the recordings are done and everything has been send off to Sven Lens (As Loud As), so he can get mixing. Finally. He’s back from hanging out with Mickey & Donald in Eurodisney now, so we can’t wait to hear what he’s going to come up with.


We’re playing shows again

Well, showS is a bit of a stretch. But yeah, we’ve got another show coming up. This weekend (Saturday the 24th of August) we’re playing Vogelpop in Ansen.

Proper touring will be something for when the record is finally out, but we wanna play shows again. So if you’re putting on a show, and are looking for a band: Holler at us – info [nospam], or find us at one of the many social network sites.

That’s all for now folks. Stay classy.
(And pick up the 20th anniversary edition of ‘In Utero’, should be good)