Ok let’s see… What’s going on.

We’re working on a tour report about our trip to SPAIN. Spain (or should we say Africa Carles? hehe) was great, we’ll never forget those days. The damn thing probably will take some time to finish, because we’re all pretty busy. For now we just want to thank Carles from Deathwish Team Girona, Carlos & Real Crisis and Jairo & Enter The Nightmare and everyone else that helped us out in anyway. Thanks a lot dudes!

The “Pressure Release 2007” European new breed TAPE COMPILATION that got released on LIGHT THE FUSE is already sold out. We contributed our song, Use Your Head, to it. If you can pick it up from a distro… Do it, you will not be dissapointed. Light The Fuse was great as well, thanks for everyone that sang along, moshed, stagedived and what not during our set. Especially since everybody was getting a bit tired from 2 days of great bands. Thanks a lot! Rob.. Next year again, same place. No excuses.

Oh yeah we’re all over the PRESS now, uhuh. We’re getting some nice reviews on Everyday. Check out this Aardschok (NL) review for an instance. For all you non-Dutch readers, it says something along the lines of “Everyday makes you think of the glory days of hardcore. Names like Bad Brains, Underdog, Cro-Mags, Maximum Penalty, Leeway & Beowulf pop up while listening to this record. Said And Done has the quality and balls to strike hard in a scene that appears to be asleep.” These are not our words, but it’s sure nice to read something like that about your release. Be on the lookout for some interviews as well. A small interview in the april issue of Aardschok (NL) that is already out, a bigger one in the upcoming Rock Tribune issue (NL/BE). Maybe even cooler, check out Rising Tide #1, a fanzine from Belgium featuring an interview with us. Persistent Vision #3, also from Belgium will feature an interview as well. Fanzines rule, get in touch if you want to do an interview. We’re more than happy to answer your questions.

The LP version of EVERYDAY, also on Shield Recordings, is still happening for sure. We’re working on the artwork for the LP as we speak. It will be a bit different from the CD. No worries, Nabbe’s great drawing will be staring at you from the front of the cover for sure. As soon as we have a releasedate/pre-order date or something close to that for you we’ll let you know.

As for UPCOMING SHOWS… This saturday (31st of March) we’re playing Brugge in Belgium! Together with Shredder, The Struggle and Losing Streak. If you’re close, get your ass over there. It’s going to be a party. On wednesday (4th of April) we’ll be playing at Innocent in Hengelo again. Merauder, New Morality & Cheap Thrills are also playing! Saturday after that (7th of April) we’ll be invading Belgium again. Roeselare will be the place to be. Hope to see everyone there! Oh and ofcourse, we can always do with more shows. Get in touch to book us, we want to play everywhere.

Ok, last one. NEW SONGS. Yes, we’re working on new songs. Maybe we’re going to play one of them live already, we’ll see. For now, just pick up Everyday and learn the words to those songs and singalong!

That’s all for now I guess. You’re more uptodate than you wished for… Oh well, take care!