In case you missed it:

Andrew from Aversionline.com posted a review of our full length “Everyday”, alongside a review of Heartfelt’s latest effort “Take It Or Leave It”, on his site.

Aversionline.com is a great site. I discovered some great bands through that site, Social Decay for instance. Check that band out if you didn’t already. You will not be dissapointed.

Check out the review here.

Some quotes:

…Everyday delivers in full…I’m way into it…this is definitely one of the best European hardcore records I’ve encountered as of late. Great work.

Aside from “Use Your Head” he also put up “Reflections” for download. It’s not available online elsewhere, so if you don’t have the CD this is your chance to check it out. It’s the most mellow song of the record I guess.

Check it out while you still can. Don’t know how long those MP3’s will be up…