Finally! Here’s the pressrelease. Feel free to repost it anywhere!

Said And Done LP pre-orders up now!

Everyday LP - Pre-order now!

While the CD is out for some time now and getting great reviews (see below for some quotes), we at Shield Recordings are pretty stoked we can finally announce the release of the LP version of Said And Done’s ‘Everyday’. The LP features a new design, but no worries, as you can see above the great drawing by Nabbe The Bastard remains.

As for pressing info: There will be 500 LP’s pressed. 100 will come on red/black flamed vinyl. 50 of those will be pre-order copies. The other 50 will be release show copies. Both will have different limited sleeves. The other 400 will come on transparant red vinyl. Oh boy!

The release show is set for the 30th of June @ Willemeen, Arnhem. As for other bands playing, take a look at this great diverse lineup: Zero Mentality (DE), Deal With It (UK), Reproach (BE), Tenement Kids, New Morality, Losing Streak (BE), Outlive & Bury Your Dead (USA). Come on over and do the twist with them.

If you didn’t check out the CD yet or you want to refresh your memory, here are some MP3’s:
Use Your Head


Pre-orders will be shipped BEFORE the release show (around the 15th of June), so you can learn the words and practice your precious dancing moves for the show. Oh and we’ll throw in a test-press amongst the pre-orders as well. Winner will be selected randomly, no announcements. You’ll just find it in the mail. The excitement!


If you want to save some postage money, LP’s will be 9 euro at shows.

We’ll get back to you with the exact payment details when you enter the pre-order form, but here’s the most important info:

Postage paid prices for LP’s:
Holland – € 15 ppd for one copy, € 24 for two, € 33 for three copies
Europe – € 14 ppd for one copy, € 25 for two, € 34 for three copies
World – $ 18 ppd for one copy, $ 32 for two, $ 40 for three copies

Since postage prices are a bitch, it’s better if you hook up with some friends and get some multiple copies at once so you all save on shipping costs. Unity 😉

You can pay through Paypal and international banking. If you want to risk it, you can even send well hidden cash as well.



…Everyday reminds you of the glory days of hardcore… Said And Done have the quality and balls to strike hard in a scene that seems to be asleep… – Onno Cro Mag (Aardschok (NL) – April 2007)

Here’s a good example how modern hardcore with “sung” vocals should sound…Overall, one of the better Current European hardcore bands… – Dave K. (QuickFix Fanzine (USA) – April 2007)

…Everyday delivers in full…I’m way into it…this is definitely one of the best European hardcore records I’ve encountered as of late. Great work. – Andrew (Aversionline.com (USA) – April 2007)

A couple of young Dutch kids are single-handedly turing back the clock on hardcore…Despite their age they know how it all sounded in the 80s, and are giving it the right dose of groove and aggression. Personally I’m blown away… Don’t miss out on this one. – Martijn Welzen (Mass Movement Magazine (UK))

SAID AND DONE’s stand-out characteristic is borne from the shouted lead vocals which manage to be surprisingly melodic and flexible, not unlike MAXIMUM PENALTY, minus the awkward “grooving.”…their songwriting is exceptionally strong and Everyday never misses a beat. Solidly recommended. – Jordan A. Baker (Pastepunk.com (USA) – May 2007)

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