BE / UK weekender – November 2010 – footage

As promised, here’s some footage of our last weekender:

Saturday 6th of November @ the Packhorse in Leeds

Start of the set. Weight Of The World & Controlled. Joep (our old bassplayer) is filming.

When we arrived there was no PA and it wasn’t even sure the show was still happening. Welcome to the UK haha. Nah, Callum did great and fixed it. Luckily it went on as it was a good show. Small room, just like we love it. Ark Of The Covenant played and the place exploded. We were headbanging.

7th of November. Carry The Weight Fest @ Social Chantry Club in Canterbury.

Pictures by Ed Coleman and  Alex Leat.

New song (might change before we record it) + a cover of Leeway’s – Rise And Fall. Joep (our old bassplayer) is filming.

Awesome fest. Great atmosphere all day and great bands were playing. That and cool hang outs with people we don’t see often enough. A fest done, like everything else Carry The Weight is doing at the moment, the right way. Too bad it also meant we had to say goodbye to Never Again. That band was going places.

Wanna see more of Carry The Weight Fest? I’ve uploaded footage of Cold Snap & Never Again to my blog, Some Will Never Know. Apparently there’s a DVD to come out from the fest, keep an eye out for that!

We don’t have any footage of the show in JH Skalul in Lendelede (Belgium) on Friday the 5th of November. There’s this footage from the afterparty though: Idiot alert haha.

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