No more henri, more joost

Last friday, in his hometown, in a small bar, we played our final show with Henri. It was really cool to say the least. The atmosphere of the entire night was great, all the bands played were cool but most importantly it was a great way to say goodbye to Henri.

We had such a good time with him on drums. From the first time he came along (as a friend / roadie) during our Eurotrip last year and all the shows we played with him until last friday… It has been golden. We couldn’t have wished for a better replacement. So needless to say we’re really thankful he was welling to step in when Joost went away to study in Taiwan.

For now we’ll just wish him all the luck with his own band “Maaswater Veenlijk” (Check it out people, it’s great stuff!). We hope we didn’t see the last of him.

If I’ll have time I might upload a video from the last part of the set, where we played some covers and ended the show with Into The Distance.

While it’s strange to see Henri go we’re of course siked to have Joost back on drums. Full speed ahead.