Some Will Never Know issue 2

Issue #2 of my zine is finally done. More pages and a smaller font means even more content this time around.

100 pages, quality printing and binding.

Pretty personal and in-depth conversations with the following people:

- Marco Abularach (The Icemen, Shadow)
- Ché Snelting (Born From Pain, Arma Gathas)
- Johan Prenger (Reflections)
- Daniel Rosen (Bitter End)
- Serge De Maar (Innocent)
- Ian Wiles (Dead And Gone Records, The Last Chance)
- Jos Houtveen (Seein Red, Lärm, Staathaat)
- Pieter Hendriks (Reaching Forward, Born From Pain, Black Bottle Riot)
- Alex B. (Cardiff City Hardcore)
- Lianna Davies (Pettybone, Hang The Bastard)

There's also a tribute to the Goudvishal venue inside. 14 pages filled with memories, pictures and flyers of one the greatest venues the Netherlands ever had.

Oh and like in issue #1, there's a (digital) mixtape too.

If you want to have a little preview, you can check out the Marco Abularach interview on the SWNK website.

Also check out these package options to save some bucks:
Package of Some Will Never Know #2 with a Said And Done 7"/MCD of your choice
Package of Some Will Never Know #2 with the Said And Done - Everyday LP/CD
The package with Some Will Never Know #1 is SOLD OUT.

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