Damn, busy times. Lots of stuff going on at the moment. Just a quick update before we’ll leave to Hengelo to release our 7″/MCD, I’ll post some more later this week.


First of all, as you can (hopefully) see, both the site and our Myspace did get a new paint job. Aside from the altered look, there’s some new functionality to the site as well. We’ve added two RSS feeds, one for this blog (a fancy word for news) and one for the upcoming shows. So you never have to miss anything again related to S&D. In case you’re not familiar with RSS, check this link. It’s the future.


Releaseshow @ Innocent, Hengelo (NL)

+ Cheating Death (Social Distortion style!) who were added pretty much last-minute.

Anyway, today we’ll officially release our 7″/MCD at Innocent in Hengelo (NL). We hope to see you there, to party hard. We’ll have limited release covers for all you vinyl freaks. Promo’s and pre-orders are already send out though (think we’ve got a couple left in case anyone’s interested). We’re pretty stoked about the good reviews and reactions so far.