Looking for a new bassplayer

At the moment we’re finalizing the “Weight Of The World” EP, we’re waiting for the final mixes and are putting the artwork together.

There’s some news though that’s been in the making for quite some time now and some of you probably already know… but I guess it’s time to make it official now.

After 8 years of making music together with our bassplayer, Joep’s now leaving the band. Due to recent changes in his work situation he simply can no longer commit to the band. No juicy details here I’m afraid, there are no hard feelings whatsoever. It just sucks to see our friend go. The only thing we can do though is thank him for the good times and wish him all the best. We’re quite sure he’ll keep coming around. It’s not like he can put his ‘discosuit’ away for good, can he?

Joep’s final show will be on the 26th of February in our hometown Sint Anthonis. Place to be is ‘t Hert, a small bar. It can’t get any more ‘local’ I guess. Our friends from Make Them Suffer will play as well. The shows we played there before have been a blast and totally packed, so get your ass over there and let’s give Joep the sent-off he deserves. Entrance is free. Party hard.

Our trip through Europe in March and the other shows that are booked right now will go on. We’ll have Rick (who also replaced Joep on our releaseweekend in Germany) on bass for those. This is a temporary solution though, since he’s not able to join us either.

This means we’re now looking for a new bandmember. Preferably someone on bass, but if that’s not going to work out we might switch one of the guitarists to bass, creating a free spot for a guitarplayer. We’re not going to say we’re looking for someone with “loyality, dedication and commitment”, because that would be a cliché right? It’s simple. If you have the time, like what we’re doing and think you can play these songs: Get in touch! We have our own rehearsal space in Sint Anthonis, a small town in the Northern part of Brabant. Just look it up. Full speed ahead.