Recording update: Extra guitar / loud noises recordings

Aside from celebrating New Year’s Eve, listening to the new Bad Religion, recording carnaval hits, watching a shitload of Sons Of Anarchy etc we managed to get some recording done with Said And Done again. This time we locked ourselves in the room with roaring amps to create some beautiful feedback. And some extra guitarparts, solo’s etc were added too. LOUD NOISES.

As always, unmixed, unmastered, uneverything, not even sure if what you hear will end up on the record or not. But hey, if we don’t do these little clips you all think we’re dead right? And we’re so alive 😉

Current status: Recording vocals has started. It almost feels like we’re getting near the end of this recording process. Nah, we don’t believe that either.

Recording update: Emiel’s bass recordings

Broken drums, injuries, personal stuff, broken amps, we’ve had our share of setbacks. The latest addition to that list? Dying hard disk… No worries, luckily we managed to back up everything and after a surgical operation our recording set up now runs smoother than ever. We might take forever, but nothing’s gonna stop us. Uhuh.

So let’s see. I don’t know if we even officially announced it or anything, but Emiel’s our new bassplayer. He went along on the last tour, we’ve known him for ages, our bands have been playing together since we started out and it’s awesome to have him in the band. After a short bootcamp, he went in for the kill. Not long after that bass recordings were done.


Current status: Extra guitars (feedback, solo’s, noise, extra guitar parts etc.) are pretty much done too. So it’s time for the next step: Vocal recordings. Time for 2013. Time to finish this record of ours and get playing again.

Recording update: Goran’s guitar recordings

Guess it’s time for another update on our never-ending recording progress… Last time we said Goran was already done recording basic guitars. We didn’t lie, even a broken amplifier couldn’t hold him back. Here’s proof:


Oh and once again: What you’re hearing are (part of) raw, unleveled, unmixed, unmastered, unEQed, un-everything-ed drum & guitar tracks (and camera audio) that might or might not end up on the record.

Emiel’s quick bootcamp went great as well. We gave him hell, but we couldn’t break him. Dude’s unstoppable. Felt good to rehearse again too, been ages! Anyway, he started recording his basstracks not too long and he’s nearly done already (3 more songs). But we’ll leave that for the next video.

After that it’s time for additional guitars, other instruments (?) and vocals. And we even might start to think about playing some shows again. Oh boy.

Recording update: Stef’s guitar recordings

See, we can keep promises. Less than a month after our last update this time. Better than 1,5 year right?

Stef finished his guitar parts! And he even managed to not break his guitar or amp during the process. We’re so proud of him. Like proud parents we filmed all the nonsense going on again and we distilled it into another crappy short video:



You might recognize that song from the last couple of shows we played. Oh and once again: What you’re hearing are (part of) raw, unleveled, unmixed, unmastered, unEQed, un-everything-ed drum & guitar tracks that might or might not end up on the record.

In other news: Goran’s already done with his guitar parts too (dude’s faster than his shadow), but one video at a time right?

Now we’re going back into the rehearsal room for the first time in a LOOOONG time. Time for Emiel’s bootcamp. Time to TURN UP THE BASS.