Recording update: Goran’s guitar recordings

Guess it’s time for another update on our never-ending recording progress… Last time we said Goran was already done recording basic guitars. We didn’t lie, even a broken amplifier couldn’t hold him back. Here’s proof:


Oh and once again: What you’re hearing are (part of) raw, unleveled, unmixed, unmastered, unEQed, un-everything-ed drum & guitar tracks (and camera audio) that might or might not end up on the record.

Emiel’s quick bootcamp went great as well. We gave him hell, but we couldn’t break him. Dude’s unstoppable. Felt good to rehearse again too, been ages! Anyway, he started recording his basstracks not too long and he’s nearly done already (3 more songs). But we’ll leave that for the next video.

After that it’s time for additional guitars, other instruments (?) and vocals. And we even might start to think about playing some shows again. Oh boy.