Time flies…

So… hi? Last post from April 2011 huh? How to put this… Time flies? Just so you know, we’re not dead. Not even in a coma. We’ve just been busy…

After coming back from our Scandinavian trip with Upright we started to think about our next step. Quitting didn’t feel right yet, writing a new full length did. We had a couple of songs / ideas laying around, but not much. So for the remainder of 2011 we talked, wrote songs and jammed. It should come as no surprise to the people out there who own our previous releases (we would like to thank the both of you), but the new stuff sounds pretty different once again. It’s boring to write the same record twice and we like to refer to this one as our ‘rock’ record. Uhuh.

Anyway, while jamming and recording ideas we talked about actually recording this album ourselves. We already were recording ideas in rehearsal and since Stef and I could talk for hours about recording we decided to give it a try. Heck, our last recordings were done in a rehearsal room too and they sounded great! Ok… it might helped that Nico (aaaaight!) actually knew what he was doing, but you gotta keep things interesting right? Well, a mic or 40 later (I pretty much bought any mic that looked old for a while…), lots of testing and trying stuff, we thought we were ready. More or less.

So in April we started tracking. Drums first. Murphy’s Law kicked in right away. Pretty much everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Injuries, equipment malfunction, personal stuff, clicktrack battles blablabla. We saw it all. If there was such a thing as the “longest recording session ever” record we’re pretty confident it’s ours already.

BUT, the drums are recorded now. Hell, even Stef’s guitar parts are nearly recorded (we might actually finish them later today). But no worries, we’re still taking forever. Done, when it’s done. Like Duke Nukem Forever… Maybe we should focus more on the “Real artists ship” mantra…

Anyway we just wanted to give you an update, a sign of life. So here’s a 1 minute, crappy video of us recording drums that gives you absolutely no clue at all how everything’s going to sound. What you’re hearing is a (part of a) raw, unleveled, unmixed, unmastered, unEQed, un-everything-ed drum track that might or might not end up on the record. Let’s not even talk about what you’re seeing…


It’s not much, I know, but I will promise that the next update isn’t going to take another 1,5 year…

Stay classy internet. Follow us on Twitter / Facebook for more, kinda regular, updates.

– Pim

PS > Listen to Nibiru & Twitching Tongues. And the Bad Brains. Always listen to the Bad Brains.

Back from the cold

So… Last week we got back from the trip with Upright through Scandinavia. We didn’t have the time to post a proper update yet, but here we go. In short: We had a blast. And as meaningless as that may sound, it’s the truth. We’ve seen some amazing places but more importantly we met some great people. Like the people (not just guys, since they’ve got Heini rocking bass) in Upright and their roadie/”manager” Peter. We couldn’t have picked a better band to do this with. It was great to see them get better with every show too. Good times and saying goodbye to them actually sucked.

We wanna thank everyone that put us on a show, invited us to their homes and/or came to the shows. Thanks a lot! It speaks for itself, but let’s repeat it one more time, without you all we can’t do these kind of things, so really, thanks a lot.

A big thank you goes out to Emiel as well. It was great to have someone with you making sure we had the right sound. One thing less to worry about. It didn’t hurt he’s an all-around good guy either. Check out his band Maaswater Veenlijk if you’re into stoner. You can thank us later.

So instead of a long, boring tourreport, let’s drop some keywords? Awesome venues, awesome people, cold, straight edge, beers, nonsense, party, police check, police check, driving, drugs dogs, police check, cold, playing cool shows, snow, ice, visiting a castle, XaliX, party on a gay-boat (the only bar that was open), driving, 12-hours-on-a-boat, sliding, getting tattoos, driving, 12-hours-on-a-boat, karaoke, Ripley’s museum, watching shady prostitutes and their pimps, oh and cold. I might have forgotten a word here and there, but that sums it up pretty nicely.

And here’s some pics and movies too (most stuff is exclusive to attendees of S&D Cinema though):

Said And Done and Upright in Petäjävesi
“Crew” pic after the show in Petäjävesi. Don’t we look tough?

Hanging out in Fredericia, Denmark with Upright. This venue was awesome.

Random iPhone pictures - collage 1
Random pictures I took with my iPhone on the road. Part I.

Random iPhone pictures - collage 2
Random pictures I took with my iPhone on the road. Part II.

Said And Done in Gothenburg

From the show in Gothenburg. Picture by Ramon Calvo.

Fun in the snow, before the show in Petäjävesi.

Niko singing the Cro Mags – Hard Times cover at the Petäjävesi show

Into The Distance from the Helsinki show

Said And Done in Helsinki
From the show in Helsinki. Picture by Fiona Albrecht.

True Blue – Devilangel cover from the Helsinki show. We dusted off this cover for Peter since he has a huge True Blue tattoo on his leg.

And now? Back to work on the new record. We can’t wait to get back to writing mode and bust out some new jams. At the moment what we have is pretty diverse. No barriers, no constraints. Enough of those in this world of ours already. But we’ll see how it all shapes up.

PS > We’ve got some leftover tour merch put up in the online distro. There’s also some zines (Law & Order #3) and records (Upright / Foreseen split, Agent Attitude etc) we picked up on the road. Check it out.

Scandinavian trip coming up

March/April 2011 Scandinavian trip flyer

We’re looking forward to hook up with Upright and go to those parts of the world that brought us Ikea, Nokia, Lego and more. Can you name all of them in the flyer?

If you can help us out with a show on the 2nd of April in the Southern parts of Denmark or close to the Danish border in Germany please get in touch!

Otherwise we’ll have a day off and we’ll be forced to enjoy those beautiful countries to the fullest. Don’t do that to us.

Update: We’ve got the 2nd of April covered. Stengade in Copenhagen it is!

Anyway, it will be the 24st of March soon, so you better check out our releases at and learn those words, so you can sing along. There are lyrics there, no excuses. We do advise to learn the tunes too, just to be sure you’re singing the words to the right songs.

Get on, get on

2011-01-21 @ JZE Essen. Photo by Line de Vos.

That’s it. For now. 3 cool shows with Supertouch. Thanks Nürnberg, Lichtenstein and Essen. We had a blast. If you have the chance to see these guys, do so, they put on a great live set. We’ll put some proof of that (footage of the 3 shows) online on Some Will Never Know soon. Keep an eye on that.

So now we’re going to switch back to full-on-writing modus. Let’s see how far we can get with that full length we’re writing.

Aside from that we’re still looking for a show on the 2nd of April in the South of Denmark or the North of Germany (close to the border of Denmark) if anyone can hook us up (or if you know someone that might), please get in touch!

Get on, get on.