Get on, get on

2011-01-21 @ JZE Essen. Photo by Line de Vos.

That’s it. For now. 3 cool shows with Supertouch. Thanks Nürnberg, Lichtenstein and Essen. We had a blast. If you have the chance to see these guys, do so, they put on a great live set. We’ll put some proof of that (footage of the 3 shows) online on Some Will Never Know soon. Keep an eye on that.

So now we’re going to switch back to full-on-writing modus. Let’s see how far we can get with that full length we’re writing.

Aside from that we’re still looking for a show on the 2nd of April in the South of Denmark or the North of Germany (close to the border of Denmark) if anyone can hook us up (or if you know someone that might), please get in touch!

Get on, get on.