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Reflections on 2010

It’s the end of the year. Time to reflect, to look back again. And a little bit of seeing what’s ahead of us too… January 2010 was all about recording the Weight Of The World EP. It wasn’t smooth sailing this time around though. Recording dates got pushed forward because of a change in schedule […]

Scandinavia we need you

Scandinavia pay attention: We’re coming over. Since there’s some good shit cooking over there right now we want to get in on the action. We’re hooking up with Upright and we want to hit Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Oh and Germany on our way back too. This is what we had in mind, but we’re […]

Report of our March trip online

It took a while, almost a month after we ended the trip, but it’s ready now. Thanks for the wait. Check out the report we made of our last trip. Oh and please leave a comment! Up next? England, get ready!