Scandinavia we need you

Scandinavia pay attention: We’re coming over. Since there’s some good shit cooking over there right now we want to get in on the action. We’re hooking up with Upright and we want to hit Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Oh and Germany on our way back too.

This is what we had in mind, but we’re open to anything, just let us know what you’re thinking:

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Upright |

25th of March / 3rd of April 2011

Fri. 25th of March – Denmark /w Upright
Sat. 26th of March – Sweden (Malmo area?) /w Upright
Sun. 27th of March – Sweden (Gothenburg area?) /w Upright
Mon. 28th of March – Sweden (Jönköping area?) /w Upright
Tue. 29th of March – Finland /w Upright
Wed. 30th of March – Finland /w Upright
Thu. 31th of March – Finland /w Upright
Fri. 1st of April – Sweden (Nyköping area?)
Sat. 2nd of April – Denmark
Sun. 3rd of April – Germany (as close as possible to the Netherlands)

– 11 people (2 bands, 2 drivers)
– We’ll have a backline with us.

Get in touch if you want to know more specifics:

Use our contact form or mail us @ info [wedontlikespam]

Please spread the word and get in touch if you can help us out or know people that might!