Run To The Hills / Too Much To Say

I made this interview for my printed zine “Too Much To Say” with Pim, I met him at a show in France and trust me, that was amaizing, this guy is a really cool guy, and his zine one of the best european stuff i’ve ever read! Hello, how are you? Could you begin by […]

Mass Movement Magazine

Whoever said today’s ‘playstation-generation’ are up to no good should get in touch with the fellows from Dutch band Said and Done. Everything that hardcore bands did in the 80s, they’re doing today. Playing their hearts out, writing great songs and lyrics, having their say. Not just leaning back and consuming like the rest of […]

Break It Down zine

We had a talk with Pim from Said and Done. One of the guys behind! Also a great designer with artwork for bands. Said and Done is a band who has gone their own way. With much influences and their just released a new tape. And they are going on a uktour. They keep […]

A Riot Of My Own

With the release of the ‘Endless Roads’ ep Said and Done have truly found their own style. No wonder the record is well received worldwide. The band just came back from a tour in Southern Europe and vocalist Pim recently finished his own fanzine. Reasons enough to shed some more light on these youngsters from […]