What’s everybody saying?


…  Musically there’s a bit more going on than just plain old hardcore on this release. A bit of metal, a lot of groove, plenty of melody and just a pinch of post-hardcore are added to the NYHC that the band already played… Said And Done keeps on expanding their sound and I think that’s a good thing… The lyrics of these four songs are very easy to relate to, by the way. I’m sure you all have felt the same at one time or another… All in all Said And Done created a very cool release and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Check it out! – David ( (NL) – March 2010)

… Said and Done are still the band to love if you’re into groovy midtempo oldstyled New York Hardcore (think Cro-Mags, Underdog, Leeway)… Said and Done basically continue where they stopped on Endless Roads. The songwriting is just a notch better and the melodies have a bit more hooks… I think Said and Done together with No Turning Back and This Routine Is Hell are the finest hardcore bands in The Netherlands…- Arold (A Riot Of My Own (NL) – March 2010)

Time to get your groove going again with the Dutch answer to Cro Mags and Maximum Penalty. With these four new songs there’s a sense maturity slowly creeping into this pack of howling wolfs. They’re always working on improving their songs, and playing their asses off in any and every shithole that’s willing to lend them a stage. They know what the band should sound like, and the guitars, especially, have improved tremendously…  – Martijn (Mass Movement Magazine (UK) – April 2010)

… (Weight Of The World) sees the band continuing to improve upon their unique style of hardcore. The driving midpaced rhythms and sincere vocals (which combine a gruff edge with vague hints of actual singing) are still the driving force, but there are a few more tempo changes happening this time around – lending both a little more crunch as well as a little more melody to the songwriting. There are a lot of quick little lead riffs going on, and the basslines feel more active here as well, which is always a plus and makes perfect sense given the band’s solid sense of groove. It’s the vocals that really give the material a different energy than a lot of what’s out there, though, and that makes a huge difference for me. I guess European hardcore bands still tend to fall on the underrated side of things, ’cause if Said and Done was from the US and signed to a label like Deathwish Inc. or something, I can’t help but think more people would be all over this shit… – Andrew ( (USA) – May 2010)


… Their new EP, “Endless Roads” (Shield Recordings), is the proof that Euro HC is definitely in full effect right now… This is the kind of song that some bigger bands right now wish they could write. Some next-level HC for sure… This band honestly has everything in their possession to become one of the greater bands of the current era. – Hugo ( (CA) – May 2008)

… All of the songs on this release are good. I don’t know if they selected only the best ones to be released or if this was simply all the material they had before they recorded, but it surely raises the bar for their next release… All in all, this is a very cool release. So check Said And Done out on their MySpace and pick up this 7″/MCD. You won’t regret it… – David ( (NL) – May 2008)

…Seriously, Endless Roads is an amazing piece of hardcore music and S&D could easily be your new favourite band… – Marnix ( (NL) – June 2008)

…Endless Roads sounds like Lemmy from Motorhead decided to record 6 New York Hardcore tracks. This record rocks from front to back and the artwork looks great too. It would suprise me if not more people are going to be down with this band… – Arold Roestenburg (Up Magazine (NL) – June 2008)

…”Endless Roads” is the latest EP from unique Dutch hardcore act Said and Done… focus on pounding basslines, tactful grooves, and little smatterings of melody or rocked out influences creeping in on occasion. And the vocals are definitely continuing to progress quite nicely, with more hints at a subtle form of gruff singing that really sets Said and Done’s overall sound apart from many of their contemporaries… The layout’s really cool this time out as well… brief song descriptions and other such explanatory text that comes across as truly genuine and inspiring with zero pretension, which seems to be getting rarer and rarer these days, so I really have a lot of respect for what they have to say here. I’m already looking forward to hearing some more new material, too!… – Andrew ( (USA) – August 2008)

The sky’s the limit for this young Dutch band. They already showed their true colours with their debut full length ‘Everyday’ in 2007. The intensity and especially maturity was just amazing. A couple of guys in their early 20s creating the best possible mix of Cro Mags and Leeway. – Martijn Welzen (Mass Movement Magazine (UK) – August 2008)


…Everyday reminds you of the glory days of hardcore… Said And Done have the quality and balls to strike hard in a scene that seems to be asleep… – Onno Cro Mag (Aardschok (NL) – April 2007)

Here’s a good example how modern hardcore with “sung” vocals should sound…Overall, one of the better Current European hardcore bands… – Dave K. (QuickFix Fanzine (USA) – April 2007)

…Everyday delivers in full…I’m way into it…this is definitely one of the best European hardcore records I’ve encountered as of late. Great work. – Andrew ( (USA) – April 2007)

A couple of young Dutch kids are single-handedly turing back the clock on hardcore…Despite their age they know how it all sounded in the 80s, and are giving it the right dose of groove and aggression. Personally I’m blown away… Don’t miss out on this one. – Martijn Welzen (Mass Movement Magazine (UK))

SAID AND DONE’s stand-out characteristic is borne from the shouted lead vocals which manage to be surprisingly melodic and flexible, not unlike MAXIMUM PENALTY, minus the awkward “grooving.”…their songwriting is exceptionally strong and Everyday never misses a beat. Solidly recommended. – Jordan A. Baker ( (USA) – May 2007)

This bunch of Dutchies are a motherfucking promising heap of youngsters. The five-piece filled their first album with 12 songs, and each and every one of them is a wonderful homage to the glory days of Cro-Mags and Leeway, when grooving hardcore was still a novelty. – Christophe ( (BE) – July 2007)