You probably already heard about it. But in case you missed out on all the great lineup, venue changes etc (…) this is all you need to know. I also deleted the old posts on the site (with the old, now incorrect info) and here’s the last and final info (I hope so atleast) :


30 JUNE 2007 @ Innocent, Hengelo (NL)
/w Earth Crisis (USA), Eye Of Judgement, Deal With It (UK) & Losing Streak (our friends from BE, check em out!). Doors: 19:00. Entrance €6.

So NOT @ Willemeen, Arnhem. NOT @ The Stage, Arnhem. Bury Your Dead is NOT playing. Neither are Zero Mentality, Reproach or Outlive (check out their demorelease show on the 28th of June @ De Kelder, Amersfoort (NL)!). This is the final lineup and location. Innocent is a really small venue (aside from it being a fucking great venue with great people) and around 98 reservations are made already. I suggest you do the same if you want to come. Just mail to reserveren@innocent.nl. If you do, make sure you’re coming though. Nothing shittier than lots of reservations and no people showing up.

4 JULY 2007 @ Bargehuis, Brugge (BE)
/w Sunpower (BE), Psalm (BE), Ruins (BE) & The Brave Do Not Fear The Grave (BE). Doors: 17:00. Entrance €6.

We can’t wait to return to Brugge. Our previous show over there was off the hook. We really enjoyed that show. Hope to see all of you there again!

At both shows we’ll have limited release show editions of the LP. We’ll be including a little surprise with it, but we’re not going to tell anything about that just yet. You’ll see at the shows. We also have a couple of pre-order editions left that we’ll be selling as well (the pre-order page has been taken down by the way) if people are interested.

Aside from the vinyl we’ll also have new shirts. Almost summer-time, so you can expect lots of colors. Don’t be afraid people. It’s okay. Really.