11-23 @ Area 51, Eindhoven (NL) [ TODAY!]
12-08 @ Little Devil, Tilburg (NL)

“We’re from Brabant, where the fuck you from?” We’re glad we’re closing the year with 2 shows in the almighty Brabant area. One TODAY in Eindhoven. Together with State Of Mind, New Morality, Straight A’s and Your Mistake. Be there. Starts at 22:00, so plenty of time to finish whatever you gotta do before that. Area51 is a skate area, so take your skateboard with you (if you can board, unlike us).

Next one is the 7th edition of the EUROPUNK.NET fest at the 8th of December. Place to be is Little Devil in Tilburg. Antillectual and Outlive are also playing, that should give you enough reason to be there. Starts at 20:30.

We’re always looking for new shows. We want to play any time, anywhere next year. We’re currently making plans on where to go etc. So get in touch.


The CD and LP are out for some time now. In case you don’t own it yet, we did put up another song “Worlds Apart”. It’s on our myspace: www.myspace.com/saidanddonehardcore

You can get a copy of the CD/LP at our shop. We made some package prices (amazing isn’t it?). Shirt + LP or Shirt + CD is now 15 euro in total instead of 20/19. Saves you 2 cokes/beers.

People in the US, contact Surprise Attack Records. They should have our record up in their webstore soon. Everyone else check out that label anyway, good stuff.

We are currently working on new songs and looking into options where to record etc. We’re aiming for a new release early next year. We’ll see, nothing certain yet.


We love zines. Reading doesn’t hurt you know. Anyway, we’re appearing in two zines:

FACE REALITY #2 from Belgium.

Including interviews with The Icemen, Powered Records, Youngblood and Tim Mouthpiece/Hands Tied etc.

KEEP IT REAL #7 from Greece.

Including interviews with Justice, Down And Outs, Internal Affairs etc.

Both should be available from us soon. We did add some other zines (Face Reality #1, Mass Movement #21) to our shop. More will be added later. Get in touch if you want us to sell your zine.

Ok, that’s all for now. Support zines.