Time for an update again I guess…

Show we played on the 23rd with Cro Mags

We got some great reactions to our show, thanks a lot! We had a great time, hope you all had as well. We went to Essen (Germany) the day after to see the Cro Mags again, that show was even cooler. Restless Youth and World Collapse were amazing as well.


Since we are getting questions about our merchandise… We’ve added a shop to the site. You can check it out here. Shirts for 10 euro each (without shipping that is).

Be sure to have Javascript turned on by the way. I tested the shop in Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 7.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0, so it should work. If not, just contact us through mail and we’ll work something out!


We’re always looking to add shows to our list, especially for next year. We’ve got a couple coming up. Amongst others, we’re hitting Spain, playing Light The Fuse 2007 & playing with Merauder so we can’t complain. But the more, the better, hook us up! We’ll work something out, we don’t ask for much. We just want to play!


Yeeha, almost… We can’t wait to record these songs and let em out into the world. We’ve been repeating it over and over again but on the 8th of December we’re finally heading to Studio 195 to record our full length “Everyday”. I guess we’ll do a studio report or something after it and post a MP3 as soon as possible. Just keep an eye on it.

That’s all for now folks, take care! Keep thinking.