August update

So I guess it’s about time for an update again. Let’s see.

First of all, Sunday (tomorrow) we’re playing the Innocent in Hengelo (NL). We’ll be celebrating 25 years of Innocent. That’s quite a milestone. I’ve seen so many cool shows over there and we played some  great shows ourselves (Light The Fuse fest, Earth Crisis, Merauder etc. etc.) at that place.  No to mention it’s run by some amazing people too. Big shout out to Serge and co. It’s going to be a special show anyway. Icepick is doing a final show and you all know you want to see that (also releasing their last 7″). Bitter End is playing (Will they be doing that Only Living Witness intro again?), New Morality, etc. etc… We figured, since it’s a party and we’re playing the Innocent again next month (Come see us with Blacklisted and This Routine Is Hell) we should do something different this time. So we’re going to play mostly covers. If you saw us throughout the years you kinda now what covers to expect, but there’s one surprise in there. “You are all pawns. Devil or angel, come on over and do the twist. Memories of the times you had, just uncomfortable“.

There’s also some big non-band news, that’s actually band-related. Stef (& Line) are expecting a baby anyday now. Yes, Stef’s going to be a daddy. Can you imagine? While that is great news it also means that it’s quite possible that Stef isn’t playing with us in Hengelo. No worries, we asked Goran (from Make Them Suffer) to step in, in case that’s needed. More about him later, but it’s not the last time you’ll be seeing him on stage with us.

Ok, that’s all this weekend, but we’ve got more cool shows lined up. As mentioned above we’re playing with Blacklisted next month, but there’s more: a trip to the UK again and playing our friends Strike First their last show in November and early next year we’re playing with Supertouch in Germany. From 25th of March / 3rd of April we’re planning to head over to Denmark / Sweden / Finland with Upright (Finland), but more about that later. If you wanna hook us up feel free to get in touch. Good times.

If zines are your thing, we had some interview published recently: Cudown Lata (Polish / The Wonder Years (English) features an interview with me about Said And Done and Some Will Never Know etc. Get it in our distro. There’s also an interview in the second issue of Spanish zine The Chapter, but I haven’t seen the final result of that yet. If you do a zine, you can always get in touch. For an interview or to get your zine in the distro.

That’s all for now. It’s August. Vacation time you know. In the meantime we’re mainly writing new songs for a full length. But there’s not much I can tell you about that yet.

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Take care,

PS > Support new(er) bands: Upright (Finland), Foreseen (Finland), Twitching Tongues (USA), Soul Search (USA), Enforcers (CA), Youth Avoiders (France), Tremors (UK).
PS2> Check out Striking Justice’s tourreport. They went to the USA without any shows planned, and started to arrange everything there. They ended playing Sound And Fury etc. Just check out their videos!