Back home

So yeah, we’re back home again. The UK was a blast. We’ll post a trip report a bit later, but for now:

Nottingham: Playing with Citizens Patrol and being able to talk Dutch in a foreign country was nice 😉 We did also meet the guys from Stand Clear, hopefully you guys managed to finish that demo artwork. Thanks for letting us stay Tom & Rebecca. Tom we loved the venue. Good times.

High Wycombe: Hang The Bastard were awesome. Those riffs! You’re banging your head. Cool to see Your demise is drawing lots of young kids too, nice dudes. Amazing venue too. Apparently Blondie and the Sex Pistols played that venue in the Seventies as well. How cool is that? We found a tag by Blondie in the backstage, but couldn’t find the Sex Pistols one. Damn. A big thank you goes out to Kieran forletting us stay at his place.

As for Newport. Well, Wales was amazing once again. It felt good to be back. Meeting mr. Boyce again, being able to see Reality play. The Cardiff bands (Human Race, Wiretape, Ironclad). Good stuff.

By the way, if anyone has any pictures from our shows, please get in touch! We would love to have them.