Believe me now, i’ll be left behind

So what’s going on in S&D world?

First of all, half of us went to see Only Living Witness in Eindhoven. Although they felt a bit misplaced at the festival and the sound wasn’t that great it was amazing to finally get the chance to see them play. They were amazing and really great guys as well. Be on the look out for the 2-LP vinyl reissue on Reflections that’s coming out this month. Well worth your money.

On a more band related note, last week we locked ourselves away in Panningen. We recorded 3 new songs with Nico van Montfort. It was great working with him, kinda like we expected. Look out for some amazing stuff he recently recorded (including new Tenement Kids, Strike First, Smash The Statues and New Morality releases). We have no idea what we’re going to do with those 3 songs yet, we’ll see.

Aside from that we have one final rehearsal coming up and then it’s showtime for our new drummer, Henri. His first show will be a benefit for both Reflections and Cursed, this sunday @ DB’s in Utrecht. Show starts at 15:30 and we’re going up first. Get your ass over there and contribute. If it’s not for the good cause, be there to check out some awesome bands. Aside from us Strike First, State Of Mind, The Hunger & Human Demise are playing.

PS > We’ve updated the tour report of our last trip through Europe with some new pictures. If you’re bored you know what to do…

PS2 > Listen to Feed. They’ll have a demo tape out on Mind Over Matter soon.