Henri in full effect

Last Sunday we did that benefit for Reflections and Cursed. Aside from the fact that we made some money for them, it was a really cool show. Henri did great! It’s strange to be playing with someone else behind the drums after all those years, but it’s working out great so far. It was cool to play with The Hunger (great new band, check em out! They’re releasing a CD/LP on Shield Recordings), State Of Mind (one of the coolest bands from the Netherlands) and Strike First (that Life Of Agony cover alone is worth seeing them, heavy stuff). Props go out to the organisation (Freek, Lucas!) for having the heart to set something up, to actually do something (while not even gaining from it themselves), in this world that gets more passive by the day. Awesome. By the way, if anyone has pics from the show, get in touch!

So now we have the first show behind us, get us some other shows. We want to play everywhere, any day, any place. Hook us up! Just get in touch and we’ll work something out. Deeeeew it!

In other news, Joost landed safely in Taiwan and reported he saw some monkees walking by his place. How about that? I’ll try to get some more from him (pictures?).