Home and away

He’s back. Last Thursday Joost did set foot on Dutch soil again. We already jammed a bit last Friday and we were pretty amazed by the fact that he didn’t lose his touch, at all. Dude still knows how to handle the kit.

Anyway, we’re going to use the rest of January and February to get things running smoothly with him. So we’re not taking any more new shows for the rest of these two months. Show that are already booked will be played with Henri of course. Get in touch with us for shows for March and onwards.

Anyway. The 13th of February we’re going to say goodbye to Henri. We had an amazing time with him, so while we’re glad Joost is back we’re going to miss him for sure. His last show is going to take place in his hometown Boxmeer. Think it will be the first hardcore show at the venue, so we’ll see how this will play out. Joining us are Strike First, State Of Mind and Make Them Suffer. Should be a blast. Come join us.