In other news

Those of you who know us (or at least Stef) personally probably know already, but for everyone else:

Last week Stef and Line became the proud parents of a little boy: Ferre.

He was born on Monday the 9th of August (the day after our show in Hengelo that Stef didn’t play) at 10:54 in the morning. Awesome. We wish all three of them all the best of course. Feel free to send them your congratulations or something.

Now for something completely different… Sjef, our friendly, lazy, our beer-drinking, pretending-to-be-roadie and most importantly friend was part of  a TV-show. Not your usual TV show either. It’s called Blootgewoon. (Bloot means nude, gewoon means usual/regular) With a couple of friends they posed nude. Why they hell would you do that? (The same question we asked). Apparently it’s for a good cause. The program is going to make a calendar and with the sales of that calendar they support good causes. In the case of Sjef and their friends it’s the Reuma foundation. A good friend of theirs is suffering from it and this way they hope to help a bit (and give it some attention at least). He wore a Said And Done shirt (at the end of the program, earlier on you can spot him in a Tenement Kids and a Backfire! shirt) too. Such a good boy.

You can check the episode online right here if you’re interested: