Non-breaking news…

Just a short roundup on what’s happening lately, for anyone not following us on Twitter:

After Joost took his back his spot behind the drums, everything is pretty much about writing new songs at the moment. We’ve got some good stuff cooking. We might throw bits and pieces in here and there at the upcoming shows, we’ll see. While we’re talking about shows. This Saturday (21st of March) Joost will play his first show with us again. It’s the Shield Showcase @ The Stage in Arnhem. Be there and be sure to check out Antillectual, Smash The Statues and The Hunger amongst others. Good stuff.

Since we had our own little S&D viewing we went through our tapes and uploaded some crappy videos to Youtube. At the end of Henri’s last show we played a couple of covers, since it was a pretty special occasion. You can check out “Life Of My Own” and “Hard Times” right here. The video ends with “Into The Distance”. An other (old) video we uploaded is the one from our show in Wijhe back in 2007. Such a fun show. Maybe more to come.

Some time ago Mass Movement Magazine (UK) did an interview with us. It’s now featured on their website. It’s pretty lengthy and goes pretty indepth into the lyrics. We like to do interviews, so if you’re doing a zine (especially paper zines!) get in touch!

So now we’re on Twitter, Hyves, Myspace. We’re communicating like crazy. What’s next? Facebook ofcourse. Get connected.

To close it off, we’re almost out of our current shirts. Time to come up with some new designs… We’re working on it and we should have new stuff for all of you in… April? Keep an eye on our distro. Also if you’re interested in zines, we keep adding new ones from all over the world.

That’s all for now. Keep listening to the Bad Brains.