October update

Some of this stuff was already posted on here, but in case you missed it (and repetition doesn’t hurt either)…

“Third Wave” – ‘new’ song online

With the current political situation in the Netherlands, we thought it was fitting to upload “Third Wave” from the Weight Of The World 7” now. Lyrically inspired by “Die Welle” (or “The Wave”) and the “Third Wave” experiment it paints a picture that hopefully doesn’t get too familiar in the nearby future. While the signs show otherwise, let’s hope we did learn from our past. You can listen to it at any of the social networks listed below. The 7” is still available directly from our website, Carry The Weight in the UK or Interpunk if you live in the USA.

Lineup changes

Some of you probably already know but Remco’s leaving the band. No juicy details or fights this time either. We only want to thank him for the good times and wish him all the best with whatever he’s going to do next. His final show will be at the Bunker in Gemert on the 24th of October. In Brabant. We didn’t had to look too far for a replacement. Goran, who went with us on a couple of trips already (and replaced Stef at the 25 Years Innocent show) is our new guitar player. You might know him from his other band, Make Them Suffer, too.

UK trip

In November we’ve got a trip to the UK coming up again, making a stop in Belgium too:

To the zineheads out there: Pim’s zine Some Will Never Know #2 will be ready for the trip too (if everything goes to plan).

Aside from that we’ll be searching for the light in January when we’re playing some shows with Supertouch in Germany. In the meantime we’re focusing on writing for a full length. The stuff we’ve got so far is pretty diverse. No boundaries.

Stay classy internet people.

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