People come and people go

So until this year we had been playing more than four years with the same lineup (about eight if you count the pre-Said And Done years). This year things are changing quite a bit though. First, in February Joep played his last show and Toby joined us on bass. And now it’s time for change once again. Some of you probably already know but Remco’s leaving the band. No juicy details or fights this time either. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles. That’s life. We only want to thank him for the good times and wish him all the best with whatever he’s going to do next.

He’ll play two more shows with us. Up first is the show with Blacklisted and This Routine Is Hell. Next Tuesday (7th of September) @ Innocent in Hengelo. His final show will be in Brabant. At the Bunker in Gemert on the 24th of October. Also with This Routine Is Hell amongst others. We’re not going to do anything special for this show (upon his request) but it would be cool if we can give him the sendoff he deserves.

People might come and go, we’re not going anywhere though. The good news is that we already found a replacement. We didn’t had to look far either. Goran, who went with us on a couple of trips already (and replaced Stef at the 25 Years Innocent show last month) is going to be our new guitar player. You might know him from his other band, Make Them Suffer, too. He’s an awesome guitar player and a great guy, so needless to say we’re stoked to get things going.

As for now, like we said when Joep quit, full speed ahead.