Recording update: Pim’s vocal recordings

Two updates in one month? We’re on fire haha!

As you might have know, last week we played our first show in 2, long, years. It was great to be on stage again, to feel that adrenaline rush. And even better, to see so many familiar faces. There were a lot of other things to do that night, so we really appreciated everybody making the time and coming down! Always a pleasure to have our buddies from Cold Reality around and with Gio spinning his tunes you know people will be dancing. Needless to say, we had a blast.

Now back to the record…

As always: Unmixed, unmastered, un-everything. But in short: Basic vocal recordings are done.

What’s left? Some extra backing vocals, guest vocals, extra noises and extra instruments to be added. Not THAT much actually, which means we’ll probably finish our rock record before 2025. Awesome.