Surprise show

Last Friday we played a surprise show @ cafe ‘t Hert in Sint Anthonis (our hometown). To say goodbye to Joost and to welcome Henri.

Joost didn’t know anything (well, he started to suspect something the day before), so it was a pretty cool surprise for him. We couldn’t advertise the show, since it was a surprise, but the news spread fast by word of mouth.

Joost in the audience for a chance, watching us playIt was the first we played live with Henri (3 songs, with Joost in the audience for a change, watching us play) and he killed it. After that Joost took over. It’s going to be strange to be playing without Joost for half a year, but we’re sure glad Henri stepped in. No slowing down. He’s doing great.

We would like to thank all of you for showing up. We had a blast.