Face Reality #2

Yo Pim, who and what is said and done?

Hey Tim. Said And Done is a hardcore band. That answer must have surprised you. Oh well, in reviews we’ve been compared to bands like Leeway, Cro-Mags, Maximum Penalty, Beowulf etc and we’re not complaining about that at all haha. Would you? In reality we’re just busting out tunes we feel like. No plans. If we like the result, it’s good. Since we don’t have any big “from the ashes of this and that band” story, I could tell you we have Joost on drums, Remco & Stef on guitars, Joep on bass and me on vocals but how interesting would that be? We’re not a straight edge band, that doesn’t mean we don’t have something to say with our lyrics though. Think for yourself… That’s Said And Done in a nutshell I guess.

You guys just released a cd/lp tell us more about that one.

Yeah, it’s called “Everyday”. For the influences from the outside we encounter every single day. You know, pressure from the government, religions, the threat of terrorists they try to fear people with etc etc. That’s what we’ve tried to portray on the cover as well.

The LP came out recently. We had two cool release shows. One in Holland. The other one in Brugge, a place we love to play. The CD came out in february already though. Both on Shield Recordings. Great label that supported us from the start. They are releasing the Real Danger LP soon (punk featuring Uppercut / Nothing Done people). Check it out!

Anyway, we recorded the CD/LP at Studio 195 with Patrick Delabie. You might know him from his work with Dead Stop & Restless Youth etc. We loved working with him, solid dude. We’ve got some great reactions to the record from all over the world. It’s really cool, we didn’t expect it. We really liked the record ourselves, but you never know what other people think.

Said and done doing a uk trip next month, Siked?

Oh boy! For sure. I never traveled much. Only been to Paris once you know. And with this band I’ve already went to Spain, UK is up next. We’ll see where else this journey brings us. We’re in contact with people all over the world. It’s a matter of time (and money ofcourse) if we’ll get there or not. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re really siked about all of this. Can’t wait to get to the UK. The country of Spaced, The Office, bacon & eggs… How can you NOT love it 😉

Why you started a band?

The short and simple answer? Nirvana. Or is that uncool to answer? Who cares. When I heard that band in 1994 (I was 9), it changed my life. I was always into music, but they got me into heavier stuff. I learned to play the guitar and started to write my own songs right away. Aside from that I kept playing Nirvana songs, like on repeat 🙂 I was really heavy into them. Got lots of shows, unreleased stuff etc on CD by them. Great band. Anyway they inspired me to make my own kind of music. It didn’t have to sound polished, “just bang something out and mean it”. That’s what I did. Back in ’99 I met Joost (he’s also drumming in Said And Done). We started jamming and along the way hardcore came into our lives, the other guys hooked up with us and now it’s 2007 and we’re traveling to places like Spain and the UK with our band. Who could have imagined that. It’s unbelievable. It’s like a big dream for all of us.

Okey dude that’s all i’m sorry. last words?

Don’t be sorry dude. Good luck with your zine, enjoyed the previous issue! Cool to see Belgium is alive and kicking with bands and zines. Shout outs to Losing Streak, One Voice, The Struggle, Black Haven & Take It Down. We’ll be back in September and October. Looking forward to it!


I would have said thank YOU for asking us for this, but I already used my last words so…