Rising Tide #1 fanzine

1. Said And Done is not a typical average hardcore band, agree or not?

Damn, that’s a nice one to hit it off with dude… I don’t know, we’re just doing what we like, what we want to hear in music ourselves. If we count as a typical, average band or not, I don’t know. I don’t care either, I just want to do what we’re doing. This one you can decide for yourself.

2. On the two new songs it’s all about rock n roll, groove and having a good time, sweet if you ask me. Does it have a reason?

Rock: check. Groove: check. Having a good time? Lyrically they’re both not about having a good time for sure. How do you mean? Like we’re having a good time as a band? That’s true for sure. We do take this band pretty seriously but we’re having lots of fun in the meanwhile. All the roadtrips, the midnight snack-attacks, the shows, the rehearsels and the recordings. It’s just great. We all love to do this band. We’re pretty different from eachother, but together we just click.

3. I don’t know if people already have said that you guys have a typical Leeway sound in your songs?

Yeah people mentioned Leeway. Pretty cool if you ask me. Leeway is a great band, I really love the groove in those songs and Eddie’s singing is great. Did you see them live on their reunion tour? I absolutely loved it, I still regret I didn’t went to see them @ Lintfabriek. Only saw them in Tilburg. Would be cool if they came over again, they were supposed to support Killswitch Engage but I don’t know what happened to that…

4. Can you tell me what the song ‘Controlled’ is all about? Rough song if you ask me!

Yeah it’s not really a positive song but it’s just how I think about the world. I mean, we are all just numbers in a bigger system. We’re all controlled one way or another you know. By the government, instilling fear into people, trying to scare us into war all the time. Religions trying to brainwash people, your boss at work telling you can’t do shit etc etc… But I’m kinda repeating the lyrics now, you can read them at our site and they’ll be in the booklet with the full length ofcourse.

5. What’s your contribution in today’s hardcore scene? How do you look up to ethics in general life, it may concern the hardcore vibe of course.

Well, that are more or less two questions. As for ethics. I just would like to see people think more. I mean, how hard is it to think about it before you do something. People are really getting more stupid by the day. See the signs dude, see the signs hehe. I don’t know, maybe people should read more or something. Paper zines are a good start…

As for my “contribution to today’s hardcore scene”… Aside from the band I run a tape-only label with Rob from the Light The Fuse fests, we did some really cool demos if you ask me. Tenement Kids, Diablo Blvd, Mans Ruin, check them out. Next up is a great new breed tape compilation. That tape is going to be killer. Lots of great new bands coming up from all over Europe. Then there’s the e-zine Asice.net, which I’m a part of. And if I’m not doing anything related to that I’m probably doing sites or designs for hardcore bands. Check out hypekid.com if you want to know what I’m talking about. All in all I’m pretty much busy with hardcore everyday in a way. Nothing special though, just doing my two cents like everyone else. Which is maybe the coolest thing about hardcore anyway, everyone doing their part, keeping it all alive.

6. Is our Belgian hardcore scene similar with the Dutch scene or not?

Yeah I guess so. There are great bands from both scenes. Like you guys had or have Dead Stop, Justice, Rise And Fall, Liar amongst others. We had/have Mainstrike, Reaching Forward, Restless Youth, No Turning Back etc etc… I think the people are pretty much the same as well. What do you think about it yourself?

7. Internet: inter-crap or inter-skilful?

To me it’s obviously the latter choice. I’m making websites all the time man haha. But that’s not what you’re getting at I guess. Well, on one side you have some negative aspects, like the anonymousy people have. Just come up with some crappy fake nickname and you can talk all the shit you want. Too much people enter a post, a comment or whatever without thinking. That’s a shame. Cause the internet is a really great way to communicate, if used the right way. For bands it’s a blessing really. You have this huuuuge audience that’s just a couple of clicks away. It never has been so easy to promote your band, get shows, get the word out you know. I absolutely think internet is great. It’s really just that people should think a bit more, but I don’t think that has something to do with the internet.

8. The new release is recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrick Delabie (guess what: the lads in Newgate Potential went there too for their new Polonaise of Death). Is he that good? How is it to work with him?

Yeah, he is that good without a doubt and aside from that he’s just a great guy. We love to record over there because he knows how to get the best out of our band. It’s all in the details and he simply hears everything. It’s also really relaxed to record over there, it’s like one big living room. Go there yourself sometime and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I would recommend Studio 195 to anyone.

9. I see you planned a mini-tour through Spain in February. Is there a band with you for maybe doing the support? Any expectations you have? Dudes, check the local food, you will love it!

haha I’m sure we’ll have to eat something over there so the local food will be checked. If you want a review contact us in March 🙂 Anyway, we’re not taking any band with us, we’re going in for the kill alone. It will be a blitzkrieg cause we’ll be there for 4 shows only. Can’t wait man, can’t wait. I’ve never been to Spain by the way so I hope to look around a bit as well.

10. If you have the possibility, with what band would you guys tour?

Hmmm… You’re expecting a big name right? But I think the most important thing, if you’re touring with a band for a long time, is if they’re good guys to hang out with. I mean, if you’re stuck together for a long time you better get along… I think a tour with the guys from Strike First or something would work out just fine. Check them out by the way if you didn’t already, cool band. I don’t think we would reject a tour with the reunited Bad Brains, Underdog, Leeway or Crown Of Thornz or something though…

11. Any plans already for 2007, besides that mini-tour?

Yeah for sure! The new full length “Everyday” that will be coming out ofcourse. That’s like the biggest thing happening next year. It will be out on CD (first) and LP (later on) on Shield Recordings. End of january/start of february. Keep an eye out! Then we’ve got some cool shows coming up. We’re playing Light The Fuse 2007, there will be lots of new bands this time and it will be held at the great Innocent venue. It’s going to be great. Be ther and take as many of your friends with you. Some really cool Belgian bands playing as well. Aside from that we’re playing a show with Merauder in April at that same venue, which is cool. The plan is to visit some more countries next year, all small tours, weekends and stuff. Writing new songs again, we’ve already got some ideas that we’re toying with… We’ll see. 2007 is going to be great!

12. Nuff said, thanks a lot! Wish you guys all the best and oh I forgot to ask: any last words?

Thanks for giving us a chance to speak out dude! I’m looking forward to reading this zine! Curious what you’re going to make of it. We need more zines anyway. Start zines! Do tapes, pick up tapes! Go listen to Only Living Witness… Oh well, I’ll shut up 🙂 Keep thinking.